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8.5 by 11 inch pages, PDF format.

Regular Edition, 152 pages:

Heiwana Sekai - Regular Edition Miri and Ianru Gyrfalcon

  • Enter into a world where technology meets Old West meets Medieval Times. The citizens of Heiwana Sekai have technology because they come from Earth circa 3052. They do not want to destroy their planet, and develop environmentally-friendly transportation and ways of doing things like using actual horses for travel and motion-powered wheel systems. There are no combustion engines. They return to a guild and craft-like way of education where children are taught basics by computer and help their parents. At age 12, they choose an apprenticeship. Once they graduate from apprenticeship, they become Journeymen who work for a few years under a Master before completing a Mastership test. Along with the Science Guild, which is the largest, there are the Art Guild, General Laborers Guild, the Farmers & Harvesters Guild, and the Safety Guild. The Heiwana Bōken-sha colony ship is still in orbit. In addition to the brig occasionally used for the rare lawbreaker, meteorologists, members of the Computer Science Guild, and other scientists along with the Security Officers take turns working aboard the ship. They live by a Core Code of Values embodied in their own 10 Commandments. However, due to the combination of Heiwana Sekai’s 18 hour Day, the amount of work, and the number of scientists dedicated to their fields, they have found that they have less time to be fruitful and multiply. The population is growing at a steady although slower than expected rate with most couples having only one 1 or 2 children. The dilemma facing our Heroine, Lady Wolfeshaven, is the need for Animal Rescue. The original colonists brought dogs and cats with them. While exploring this new planet, some got lost. Heiwana Sekai is a peaceful world with no carnivores. On the other hand, there are many small mammals and birds. These two predators introduced into an environment with only prey and an abundance of them at that have found it very hospitable and have prospered in the wilds of Heiwana Sekai. It is time to reign in this situation before it becomes dangerous to the humans and their livestock. While working on this situation, Lady Wolfeshaven and her team discover that all is not well in more than one way and have to deal with a crisis that shakes the citizens of the entire planet to their core.
  • 152 pages

Plus Edition, includes 20 pages of additional content:

Heiwana Sekai - Plus Edition Miri and Ianru Gyrfalcon

  • Includes Illustrations and more!
  • 172 pages

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