Psalm 37:23

Friends, I want to share an awesome truth…the Lord truly orders our footsteps and is so very faithful. When we grab hold of this truth, we can move at the speed of peace. Let me share what is just one more example in my life that illustrates this truth.
This morning, my son and I got up as usual at the correct time. We usually leave the house between 5:45 AM – 5:50 AM. This morning we were running late somehow. We didn’t leave until 10-15 minutes later than our usual time and pulled out at almost 6:00 AM. This is not really running late since he doesn’t need to be at school until 6:45 AM and it is a 35-minute drive. This meant that we weren’t really stressed about the time.
However, as we drove up S.R. 415, we came upon an accident. As we made our way through the wreckage, the thought occurred to us that had we left at the normal time, this could have been us. At the very least we might have been witnesses requiring us to stop and spend time giving our account. Somehow, we were running just late enough to avoid the whole mess. Thank you Yeshua!
I can’t tell you how many times this has happened in my life, but I can tell you it has happened a lot. This is why, today…once again, I am reminded to not get stressed if I am running a little later than normal. The Lord just might be protecting me from an accident.
Here’s to a safe and blessed day!
Psalm 37:23
Psalm 31:23
Psalm 36:5

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